Napoleon's Old Guard Grenadiers

14 October 2009

How to put foot soldiers of the regiment of Napoleon's Old Guard Grenadiers !!!

Military and civilian fashion, a rapidly developing all the XVIII century., By the beginning period of the Napoleonic Wars has undergone significant changes, forming a clearly identifiable silhouette of the man of the new century. Despite the greater functionality costume XIX century. in general, it not only remained, but carefully preserved many unnecessary traditional elements which have become purely decorative. Trendsetters, as under Louis XIV, the French remained, and the slightest of their innovations in uniforms, equipment and munitions invariably found followers in other European countries. Thus Russia Empire and the kingdom of Prussia, being the most conservative, to a lesser extent, were exposed to French influence.

1. After donning a linen shirt stretched long stockings, which are fixed under the knees garters.
2. Cuffs of his shirt buttoned to the bone buttons. Clearly visible fashionable cut shirts with wide sleeves and a long rear panel.
3. Put on the linen pants, and they tucked the bottom of his shirt. Then fastened horn buttons on a wide belt and crotch pants.

4. After fastening the buttons are fastened on the lower strings sections pants legs. Cut at the waist pants back remains nestyanutym.
5. Close up shows tying strap on his pants pants. Thus allocated leg support stockings and do not interfere with putting kyulot.
6. After fastening the buttons on pants and tying their legs from below, you must download a cord cut at the waist pants from behind.

7. Linen ribbons are fastened to the collar of his shirt. Wieden slit his shirt on his chest at the bottom reinforced linen detail in the form of a heart.
6. On top of pants to put on the linen kyuloty and buttoned bone buttons on their belt. In the cut narrow kyulot extremely important to comply with slim silhouette.
9. After fastening the belt fastened hinged kyulot latsbant. This unusual detail was needed in the administration of the toilet.

10. Close up shows of seat latsbanta. This flap valve was tselnokroeny with kyulotami and edges of amplified bands from two-layered fabric.
11. Close-up shows how, after fastening buttons with removable brass buckles are fixed narrow straps of linen trousers.
12. Back to the buttons on the belt kyulot fasten themselves ends linen braces, straps which, passing on the back and shoulders, are moved forward, fixing buttons on the front.

13. After fastening the suspenders in the front, put on a black linen tie with metal buckle and rough leather boots with solid brass buckles.
14. Close up shows a tie clasp and silver-plated hairpin-grenadka spit powdered hair. Well visible long curls of hair braided on the sides of the spit.
15. Put on a single-breasted linen jacket. Contrary to the statutory requirements, often sewed jackets without sleeves, because of his uniform sleeves were quite narrow.

16. Waistcoat fastens at the front brass buttons, his bottom side close side buttons latsbanta. Of the two pockets of his waistcoat, acting was just right.
17. To put on and buttoned black cloth gaiters. Eventually, his legs under the knees are tightened cords pants, thongs kyulot straps and gaiters.
18. Close-up shows how, after fastening the buttons on the outside leg, with brass buckles fixed cloth popliteal strap.

19. On top of a vest worn cloth coat. According distributed at the beginning of the nineteenth century. fashion, all items of uniforms sewn by a very narrow, as if on a figure that looked good, but interfered with freedom to move.
20. A first put on the right shoulder girdle polusabli, which is then shifted so that the weapon was located behind the left thigh.
21. Over polusabli sling over his left shoulder girdle is put on the cartridge bag, which is then shifted so that the scrip was placed back on the right thigh.

22. Close-up shows how, after putting on gear cartridge scrip leather strap fastened to the lagoon buttons on a sling polusabli. As differences posited Guard strap ammunition SUM foot grenadiers and chasseurs carved in the form of flaming grenade. Well visible manner povyazyvaniya strap on the hilt polusabli.
23. Close up shows a general view of equipment after fixing the cartridge bag. This method of fixation was necessary because while walking and carrying out drill techniques polusablya and cartridge scrip moved to the side. Well visible brass ornaments cover Guards ammunition scrip in the form of the imperial eagle and the glowing grenades.
24. Close-up shows, as after putting on both sling gear and putting a cartridge bag strap attached wool epaulettes. Valves epaulette pass through a cross-counter-epaulettes and fasten themselves on top of a brass band buttons from the collar of his uniform. Guards epaulettes made of red lace particular pattern.

25. Close-up shows how the leather laces tied etishket down the left side of the hat.
26. Close-up shows how, after threading rackets with tassels through the loop back Kosice etishket tied at the top right side of the hat.
27. Close-up shows, as after fixation of both Kosice etishketa with racket, separately at the top of the front cap attached single brush.

28. Above the band equipment and valves to put on leather epaulet strap fur knapsack. When marching top knapsack skatka could wear uniforms.
29. Front is worn fur cap. It should be noted that the narrow cut of uniforms and rigid leather belts and equipment greatly hampered the movement.
30. Ultimately, the last item put on a uniform - white leather gloves, among other things, distinguishing them from the army guardsmen colleagues.

31. General view of the foot grenadiers of Old Guard in 1810-1814 gg. in dress uniform. The only difference between full dress uniform were white leggings.
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  1. Very interesting, any information on cavalry of the time?
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