15 Tutorials for Improving Your Mobile Web Designs

8 December 2012

Here are fifteen links to tutorials which will help you to create your mobile website. They are in no particular order. Each one covers slightly different aspects of mobile website design, and each one has a number of tips that will help people who are beginners. Some also act as good refresher courses for hardcore designers. All fifteen can be used to help improve your current mobile website design efforts, and some will even help you to create a mobile version of your current website.

1 - Fluid Images

This is a tutorial that will give you the scripts needed to make fluid videos and images. You can transfer them from large screens to small mobile devices screen.

2 - Mobile web designing best practices

It will show you the best practices for creating both a traditional website and a mobile one. It gives the best practices so that you can be more creative in your designs, without making silly mistakes.

3 - Drop down menus for small screens

This tutorial will show you how to write HTML code so that you can make your own dropdown menu which will work on mobile device screens.

4 - Responsive web design

This tutorial will tell you what responsive web design is and how to use it. It is perfect of mobile web design. It gives coding and tips that you can use to better implement it.

5 - Dreamweaver CSS3 and HTML5

This will help you to create websites for mobile devices with Dreamweaver. It will show you how to create a website for a mobile device using CSS3 and HTML5. The software comes from Adobe and you can use it to create a mobile website and desktop website too.

6 - A Mofuse mobile website

Using Mofuse you can create a mobile website. This tutorial will show you how. It is good for beginners because it does all of the coding parts for you.

7 - 25 tips for designing a mobile device web page

The tips on this tutorial will help you to craft your mobile website and will help you to clean up your mobile website design efforts.

8 - Key considerations for your mobile web design

This tutorial gives you ten considerations which should be key to your mobile web design. There are a lot of browsers and operating systems, and this tutorial will help you to create websites that will suit most of them. It is a tutorial you should probably read before starting your mobile website.

9 - Wireframing a useful mobile app interface

You have to plan any apps before you make them, and you have to plan any programs that you wish to embed into your mobile website. This tutorial will help you to do both. It is good for planning programs that will work on Android and iOS. It is a tutorial full of tips to help you.

10 - CCS Elastic videos

This tutorial teaches you how to make elastic HTML5 videos, how to Iframe embedded videos and how to make elastic objects. You can make elastic videos that are fixed width in HTML and CSS.

11 - Mobile web coding

This will help you to set up relative measurements instead of fixed widths. This is good if you are looking for a quick and easy way to make your website fit smaller screens. Use this tutorial so that your website will render on most mobile device screens.

12 - Mobile 101

This is a good tutorial if you plan to create a few websites. It has lots of shortcuts and tips to take the work out of making mobile websites, all whilst making them look very high quality.

13 - A Mobile design refresher course

If you are a web designer and want to start making mobile websites then this refresher course will help you. It is packed with helpful tips that will help you jump right in.

14 - Mobile website creator

This tutorial will help you to make a mobile website version of your website. It will help you to pull out all of the things that take too long to load, and will help you to make your website more loading friendly. It gives you very easy to follow tips and rules.

15 - CSS3 media queries

This tutorial will help you to create a mobile version of your current website by using CSS3 media queries. You can add CSS3 stylesheets for mobile devices into the coding of your current website.

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